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Chase Paymentech is the payment processing and merchant acquiring business of JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM). Paymentech payment platforms support businesses of all sizes to process payments, including credit, debit, and digital, alternative, and mobile payment options. Paymentech can authorize payment transactions in more than 130 currencies. The company also provides business analytics, payment frau


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Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Don’t bother with this place, management is a mess with high turnover. 0 work life balance. Whatever big brother says goes. You won’t be valued here as a working employee. Life cycle at chase is as follows. HD rep > second level support > team lead (babysitter) > relationship manager (if you make it that far)."

Vice President, Software Development Lead (Former Employee) says

"This company is not the company I went to work for. The environment previous to the Chase takeover wa extremely positive. After the takeover there was a conscious effort to change the work requirements and belittle anyone who was making a reasonable salary.Free coffee and sodaegotistical management and an unwillingness to understand how people actually work."

Bilingual Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"routine, you repeat the same thing over and over management very poor advancement is not based on merit the culture of clientelism is a norm. the hardest part is that you are not provided with required tools to assist clients"

Computer Operator (Current Employee) says

"After 11 years working there and compamy changed owners our plant was closed and all us working there and our jobs were out sourced. My review is negative because in the last 6 months we were treated very badlyvery short breaks and bad hours"

Regional Relationship Manager I (Former Employee) says

"I joined Chase Paymentech when it was still just Paymentech. After the purchase by Chase, the company changed and was no longer for me.Advancement was nearly impossible, and it began to feel like the company cared more about money than the customers that support the business by doing business with them.It was just not the business atmosphere that I require to be satisfied in my soda, co-workers"

Senior Specialist I (Current Employee) says

"Great company to work for, the particular department I was in, is not something I would recommend to anyone. There is no room for advancement, unless you become a favorite of the management team.Benefitsfavoritism"

Senior Accounting Associate/ Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Supervisors change constantly - never sure where you stand in terms of the department you work for support of the company goal. Very competitive often compared NH accounting department to Dallas accounting department - with the person in charge working in Dallas."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Fun environment, great employees and workplace culture. Some managers are not the greatest . Workload very heavy and not evenly distributed. Constantly working hard and putting in extra hours to complete the work."

Business Operations Analyst / Risk Analyst II (Former Employee) says

"Chase Paymentech is a good place to work with good benefits. Big bank environment that is fast paced. Great 401K with company matching and retirement benefits.Free coffee and teaIt's difficult to advance due to the number of internal candidates"

Merchant Coordinator II Client Implementation (Former Employee) says

"I got out of there as soon as I could. I hate to give a review about the place because, honestly, I don't remember that much about it. I hated my manager but my coworkers were ok."

Account Executive, Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"merchant services industry, remote, work from home office. set my own schedule and sell to small and medium sized businesses. Rub comparisons and win contracts"

Business Development Manager, Field Sales Team (Former Employee) says

"The review summary is enough said. There has to be changes to the Executive Management team as there is so much that can be done differently. Management can be told that something isn't working but never actually get it fixed. They seem to shuffle around when something isn't working and can be viewed as a clique or "club". Organization has potential but until they realize what has to change, it will be the same script and cast.Salary, Benefits, ColleaguesManagement"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"good place to work.learned a lot of new technologies and new methodologies which can be helpful in my career environment is very collaborative in nature"

Operational Support Analyst (OSA), Level II (Former Employee) says

"I was able to learn another side of the Financial Industry by working in the Merchant Services Department as a Level I Specialist, providing assistance to all types of merchants in payment acceptance. Typical work day, I assisted merchants on the phone with questions about their accounts (payments, transactions, etc.). From there I was promoted to Level II as an Operational Support Associate. As an OSA rep, I assisted other employees with questions about policy and procedures, and provided coaching and development. I also handled escalations and maintenance. Typical call center environment. My co-workers and managers were easy to get along with. I enjoyed helping my customers and associates solve problems the most. The hardest part was not being able to satisfy 100% of my drinks; coffee, tea, soda, hot chocolate"

Informatica / Oracle Development Lead (Current Employee) says

"Good Place to learn and work new technologies with huge volumes of dataNaNa"

Senior Bilingual Fraud Analyst III (Current Employee) says

"This place was great because of the people. Once the job was learned it was interesting however the processes and procedures were constantly changing, as was upper management. No room for advancement and yearly increases were subpar."

Inside Sales & Business Development (Former Employee) says

"Worked there in sales over 12 years ago so may have changed. Good people- but very stressful environment to hit numbers. Micromanaged - managers under much pressure as well. Commission plan. Thorough training in the merchant processing field. If high stress sales objectives and micromanagement doesn't agree with you, then it's prolly not for you. I still have friends there that thrive on it and have been there for many years so it's a good fit for the right person.Large company Chase employee benefits are great.Stressful, pressured sales job"

D Browne says

"From since April, Worldpay has taken money from my checking account for my business. I was a customer of their's for almost 4 years with a small retail gift store. I closed my store and they continued to bill me and they refused to refund me for the two months they debited my account illegally. I've been calling the customer service team every week for over 3 months and they keep lying to me claiming that a) the refund was approved, b) they will be checking on status with the CloseAccount department, c) I will receive updated communication on the status. However, day after day they do not refund the money and I've absorbed overdraft and low balance fees from my bank. The customer service people seemed to be trained to lie or they hope I will go away. However, in the pandemic I closed the business because it failed and I've no money and desparately need the stolen money returned. They seem to be hoping that I will go away but I will not. I am looking for the right state body to report this company to. If ANY BUSINESS OUT THERE SEES THIS AND IS CONSIDERING USING WORLDPAY AS THEIR PAYMENT PROCESSOR, DON'T!! USE CHASE PAYMENTECH OR American Express, THEY WON'T STILL FROM YOU OR GIVE YOU LYING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND REFUSED TO LET YOU SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR. IF ANY Worldpay senior people see this, go research reference #18617546."

nick miller says

"was a merchant for 30 years i made a couple of complaints to the ombudsman and they shut my account. They where giving money back to customers who hadent returned the goods. In one case they relied on an engineers report written a year earlier for a different company in a different town. They also said they would black list my business with mastercard and visa so i couldent get a new provider they really are a piece of ****** Flush and watch them spin!!!"

Nate says

"Maybe expecting a case # for access to account info with the 16 numbers on user card is meant to keep people from corrections to their accounts and to block purchases. Thx a f*** of a lot for that."

Chris says

"Good afternoon, I’m not the kind of person writes reviews I had to make my views felt on social media. Based on the experience I have had with Katrina I have had make this review on trust pilot I wanted to explain my experience dealing with Katrina maclachlan This individuals role as account director shocks me she has no customer skills, she is extremely rude. I will be making a official complaint about her when I have time. Several emails have been sent to this individual she replies not within a few days but several weeks after I have rated this individual a 1 out of 5 if I could rate her a 0 I most certainly would Katrina is a extremely aggressive individual when she does not get her way I have never in my life experienced such unprofessionalism from a human being Stay well clear of ever dealing with this individual There are other people within the company you can deal with me personally I don’t even know how she even got the job A official complaint will be made in due course Katrina. Overall I have not a bad word to say about the company themselves"

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